There are two main areas of our business in New Orleans: Auto title transfers and auto insurance.

Auto Title Transfers

  • We have Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles computer hook ups in our office, allowing us to issue all kinds of license plates on the spot for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and trailers. If you have a big work truck, van, tow truck, or taxicab, it’s no problem. You walk out of our office with your license plate and registration in hand.
  • Many years of experience has taught us how to problem solve and get your vehicle legitimately transferred. We effortlessly handle donations, heirships, abandoned vehicles, or simple sales between individuals.
  • Also, we know the procedures for registering salvaged or reconstructed vehicles.

Auto Insurance

We sell auto insurance. Whether you want auto insurance with basic liability coverage to “make you legal to drive” or need a million dollars of coverage, we can help you secure the auto insurance coverage you need.

Call us for an auto insurance quote. Our trained professionals will give you a quick and accurate quote in just minutes.

LA Driver’s License or ID Renewal

Now Offering Real ID

To renew a driver’s license or ID card, just stop by and see us. Gather the necessary documents, including your current license/ID, proof of residency, and legal presence in the US. Complete the application form, visit our office on the appointment date, and submit your application, documents, and payment. You will receive a temporary license/ID, and the renewed card will be mailed to you within a few weeks. For specific information and guidance, consult the official Louisiana OMV website or contact them directly.

Get Your Drivers License or Real ID ON THE SPOT!

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is the process of officially documenting a motor vehicle with the government. It involves obtaining a unique registration number or license plate, providing necessary documents such as proof of ownership and insurance, paying registration fees, and possibly undergoing a vehicle inspection.

We Can Register A Vehicle ANYWHERE in Louisiana!

Permanent Plates

Permanent plates are license plates issued to certain vehicles without an expiration date. Unlike regular plates, they don’t require periodic renewal. The availability and regulations for permanent plates vary by jurisdiction. To obtain them, you typically need to submit an application, provide vehicle information, and pay any required fees or taxes. It’s important to meet other legal obligations such as insurance and inspections even with permanent plates. Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles for specific information and guidance on obtaining permanent plates.

Proof of Insurance

Proof of auto insurance is documentation that verifies a vehicle is covered by an active insurance policy. It is required by law and serves as evidence that the vehicle owner has obtained the necessary insurance coverage. Proof of car insurance can be provided through an insurance ID card, policy documents, or digital proof.

Notary Public Service

A notary public service for vehicles involves the notarization of documents related to vehicle transactions or ownership transfers. This service helps verify the authenticity of signatures and adds credibility to important vehicle-related documents. Notary public services may be required for title transfers, power of attorney documents, loan or lease agreements, and affidavits or statements related to vehicles. To obtain notary public services, you need to find a qualified notary public, gather the necessary documents, meet with the notary, sign the documents in their presence, and pay the required fees. It’s essential to follow the specific laws and regulations of your jurisdiction when seeking notary public services for vehicle-related documents.

We Offer
Affidavits – Wills – Small Successions – Power Of Attorney – Company Formations

Helpful Mid-City Auto Insurance Information

Understanding auto insurance can often be like trying to learn a foreign language. Many find it confusing and intimidating. Fortunately, there’s help. Here is a quick reference designed to help you understand some of the most common kinds of coverages.

Liability Auto Insurance

Liability covers bodily injury and property damage (BI/PD). This covers your legal liability, up to the dollar limits you select, for damages caused to others in a covered vehicle accident. In most states today, liability insurance is mandatory. Under BI/PD, your insurance company pays for damages to an injured person and for property damage that you are legally obligated to pay as a result of an accident. If your policy covers you in the event you’re sued after an accident, your auto insurance company will pay for a lawyer to defend you. Liability limits generally appear as three numbers, for example, 25/50/25 or 100/300/100. The first number refers to the maximum amount, in thousands, that your insurance company is obligated to pay for bodily injury per person. The second number is the maximum that would be paid out for bodily injury per claim and the third number represents the maximum amount your auto insurance company is obligated to pay for property damage you cause.

Collision Auto Insurance

When you buy collision coverage, your auto insurance company pays for damages if your vehicle collides with another vehicle or object. Collision coverage involves a deductible amount you select when you purchase your policy. This amount is what you are required to pay before your insurance company starts picking up the tab. Remember, the deductible amount is the amount you need to pay in the event of a claim.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive covers damage caused by events other than a car collision—such as fire, theft, vandalism, hail or flood. It also covers damage caused by your vehicle colliding with an animal. And if your car is stolen, it will cover the cost of a rental, subject to a daily limit. Like collision coverage, a deductible usually applies. Medical Coverage. Depending on the state in which you live, you may have available to you Medical Payments coverage or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. While these both work differently, they provide coverage for medical care provided to you as a result of a car accident. A Mid-City auto insurance agent can help you determine the price, coverage and service that best meets your needs.